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Fireplace Glass Installation Instructions:

Fireplace Glass Installation with Diamond Fire Glass

installation Before getting started make sure that the gas to your fireplace is turned off.

Step One:
First make sure fireplace has been cleaned out use a wire brush if necessary to free inside walls of soot and dirt build up (painting optional).

Fireplace Glass installation step one - clean entire fireplace - Diamond Fire Glass


Step Two:
Attach custom burner in fireplace. Our flexible connection makes this simple and convenient. All pipes are for natural gas fireplaces only.

Fireplace Glass Installation - connect flexible gas connector - Diamond Fire Glass


Step Three:
Make sure pipe is centered in fireplace and test new burner before adding glass.

Fireplace Glass installation - center gas pipe and test new burner - Diamond Fire Glass


Step Four:
Pour glass crystals in fireplace covering fireplace floor.

Fireplace glass installation - pour glass in place - Diamond Fire Glass


Step Five:
Use hands to shape, move and mound glass now you can personalize your fireplace by adding colors of your choice.

Fireplace glass - smooth glass with hands - Diamond Fire Glass


That's it, finished. Light up your redesigned fireplace and enjoy.


FirePlace Glass


FirePlace Glass


FirePlace Glass



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