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Stainless Steel Round Fire Pit Rings

We sell Fire Rings in a wide variety of Shapes and Sizes for outdoor fire pits. Our fire ring holes are drilled instead of punched for better flame effects and improved performance. The maximum BTU output on our fire pit rings are based on the size of your input hub. All our rings are 1/2 Inch Hubs except for our High Capacity Rings which are 3/4 Inch Hubs. Fire Rings with a 1/2 inch Hub have a Maximum BTU Rating of 150,000 BTU while the High Capacity Rings with the 3/4 Inch Hub has a Maximum BTU Rating of 300,000 BTU. Manufactured with High Quality 304 Steel Stainless Steel.
Stainless Steel Firepit Ring
6" & 12" Inch Stainless Steel Single Round Fire Rings
6" - $49.99 12" - $95.00
On Sale $85.00
Stainless Steel Firepit Ring
18" & 24" Inch Stainless Steel Double Round Fire Rings
18" - $125.00 24" - $135.00
Stainless Steel Firepit Ring
30" Inch Stainless Steel Triple Round Fire Rings
30" - $150.00
($50 oversized shipping fee - will be added in cart)
Stainless Steel Firepit Ring
30", 36" & 48" Inch Stainless Steel Triple Round Fire Rings
High Capacity Fire Ring, 3/4" Inlet (Max BTU 300K)
30" - $165.00
On Sale $135.00
36" - $195.00 48" - $350.00
($50 oversized shipping fee - will be added in cart)
Fire ring burners are installed in outdoor brick fire pits. The ring is covered with sand, rock, or other filler. Fire Rings Sizes: 6", 12", 18", 30", and 36"
  • Heavy duty 1/2"
  • Schedule 40
  • Roll Formed
  • Mig Welded
  • Outdoor Fire Ring Burner


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